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Promark Business Solutions

We are a locally owned & operated private company in Red Deer, Alberta. We offer web design and SEO for small businesses to create an online presence to draw in more customers.


My name is Mark

Working as a manager for 2 different small businesses I saw firsthand the benefit of having a website, SEO, and a Social Media presence. The problem I found was the high cost and work required to maintain these services. Many small businesses are not prepared to pay thousands of dollars to get their business on the Internet. I started Promark Business Solutions because I knew I could fill a niche. We create clean & professional small business websites for a very low setup fee and a low monthly rate. We also cater to larger organizations with web design and SEO services. At the heart of what we do is helping other businesses to grow and prosper.

Our smart approach

Promark Business Solutions is dedicated to you and your various Internet marketing needs, but our most important goal is making you a happy, life-long customer. We maintain the highest standards of customer service. You can rest assured that we have your business’ best interests in mind. Call for a free consultation and let us prove that we can exceed your expectations.

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