Does My Airdrie Renovation Company Need A Website?

When people are looking to renovate their home, they will do a lot of research to find the best, most trusted company. They are looking for someone to come into their home, and they want to feel that they are not only going to be getting a fair price for the work needed, but to feel that they chose a company that they feel comfortable coming into their home. Part of the process of looking for the right company is researching the options. People do not want to spend a lot of time looking either. They like to see information up front, with a clear message of what the company offers. To do this, people like to research websites. If your company does not have a website, chances are, you will be missed.


When one puts in “renovation companies in Airdrie” in the search bar, this is what they find once they skip past google ads and google map (GMB). Yes, people will stop at the map to see what companies are closest to their location on the map to them and may even check websites from there. If your renovation company is not on the GMB or a website, chances are you are advertising in some form whether that be Yellow Pages, yelp, etc. As business owners know, you have to showcase your business in some way to attract customers.


However, a lot of people will go straight to the list of available websites so that they can find information quickly. When you see the results in these pictures, there are only two websites out of first 10 results. That is it for Airdrie business websites on page one. The remainder 8 results are yelp, Yellow Pages, and some communal sites that lists the different contractors in the area. On page 2 there are a few more websites and other results are places like Kijiji.


The best place to be when it comes to search results is on page one and as high as possible to number 1. The top 3 search results are the ones that will get the most calls from customers. Why? Because people generally find what they are looking for in the first 3 options. The lower and farther you are from position 1 the percentage of calls that you will receive. If you have no website at all, chances are most people who are looking for your services will skip over your business because they can’t see that you are the solution to their needs. Think of a website as a storefront. It is where you can show people who you are, what you offer, how you can be their solution and why they should choose you over the competitors.




What are potential customers looking for on a website?


People now like information fast (read more). They don’t want to spend a lot of time looking and digging for the information that they are wanting. The best thing for any business to do is to have clear content on their website that is easy to see and find. Your home page should give the basic information and then if the person looking at the site has their interest peaked, they have a learn more button or link that will take them to another page that will give them more details about that particular service.


If you think along the lines of the fact that people are very tech oriented and they will check online for basically everything now. They look to see who has what they need, how fast they can provide it, and who is going to give the best service for the best price. They also look for reviews your business has no reviews and a competitor has several good reviews, the chances are they will go with your competitor as they can see that other people have found them to be a good choice.


If your renovation company does not have a website or your website is outdated, it would be a good idea to have a website designed for you or updated to attract those customers to choose you. Most people think about websites as a huge expense, which they can be as a lot of website companies charge thousands of dollars for a website to be made. You may also hesitate because of the hassle of the upkeep that websites require. However, Promark Business Solutions has the solution for you. They discovered through talking to many business owners, that a lot of businesses who do not have a website yet do not have one for those very reasons. With this information they were able to come up with a solution to the problem. Promark Business Solutions designs high quality websites at a very affordable rate and will also take care of the monthly maintenance that is required. If you feel you are unable to spend the time or the finances for a website to create your online presence, call Promark Business Solutions today to see how they can help you.