Right and Wrong Ways to Use Images in Website Design

When building a web site, images are probably the last thing you may think about, but there are several things you should consider. First of all, image size is an important technical attribute that requires attention. Many people will take an image and insert it into a web page without regard to the file size. […]

How to Delete All Tweets at Once

Who doesn’t love to spend time crafting tweets expressing their opinions on different issues? It’s the best way to tell the world how we feel.   However, many times it turns out that we tweeted something that we are not proud of at the moment. If you are embarrassed by some of your past tweets,[…..]

Top 5 Marketing Blogs You Must Visit To Become Marketing Genius

Becoming a marketing genius is not something that happens overnight. Neither is it something that happens to you because you wish or hope for it. It is more about knowing what to do right and knowing how to do what to do right. And as against popular beliefs that the success of digital marketing entails[…..]

Donorbox review

Today I wanted to highlight a plugin that is a great opportunity for WordPress web designers that are working for charities. The plugin is called Donorbox. There are some great things about this tool which make it a great solution for accepting donations for a donation website. One of the big things is that charities[…..]