How to Stop Spam with the cPanel Spam Filter

Many popular email providers have their own spam filters, but when you switch to using your own webmail inbox, you may become vulnerable to spam emails. Fortunately, cPanel offers a handy feature to filter out any spam emails sent to email accounts on your web hosting.   Spam Filters Apache SpamAssassin, available under Spam Filters […]

Top 5 Marketing Blogs You Must Visit To Become Marketing Genius

Becoming a marketing genius is not something that happens overnight. Neither is it something that happens to you because you wish or hope for it. It is more about knowing what to do right and knowing how to do what to do right. And as against popular beliefs that the success of digital marketing entails[…..]

5 Step Guide to a Good Product Launch Strategy

This five-step guide for a product launch strategy works better in all the ways you want it to because it is useful as well as tested. This five-step is also known as the loop success strategy because the repetition of this product launch strategy will go a long way and has worked beneficial and profitable[…..]

The Truth or Dare of Marketing

Most of us have heard of the game Truth or Dare. It’s a game played by young teens and even adults (there is even a version of Truth or Dare for kids) to keep a party interesting. It can be harmless fun or it can become a microscope that focuses everyone’s attention on the deepest[…..]