Side Hustles Suitable for a Pandemic

The pandemic saw a lot of people losing their jobs after their employers closed their businesses. The situation shows the uncertainty of a person’s employment status, highlighting the importance of a backup plan. Even though the situation has improved over a year after the pandemic started, starting a side hustle is a good idea if […]

Three Ways to Drive Search Traffic to Your Website Using Social Media

Social media integration is a critical strategy in digital marketing. It serves as an extension of your marketing strategy by giving the audience more ways to interact and engage with your brand. You also open more opportunities for them to promote your content, products, and services. One way to do this is to integrate your[…..]

Top 5 Trends in Marketing at the Moment

Marketing is an aspect of your business that must seem to be in constant flux as you strive to keep up with current trends. The business message and product may be the same, but the way you get this across to your ever-changing customers and the general public needs to be current. This article will[…..]

How to Keep Learning at Work When You Have Zero Motivation

Every person knows the feeling of complete apathy. First, we graduate from the university, we are full of strength and ready to conquer the peaks. However, over time, passion is lost, we lose strength and motivation disappears. 80% of people of working age face this. According to research, more than 80 percent of employees surveyed[…..]