The Top 5 New Typography Trends for 2021

We live in strange times, and with it come some out-of-the-ordinary trends that you would not have thought possible prior to any pandemic. Society is fractured between the vaccinated and unvaccinated, everything seems politicized, and people are just plain losing their marbles having to deal with all that while going in and out of lockdown. […]

What is Cloud Hosting?

The needs of a business can change quickly and with that, fast and reliable solutions are essential. Cloud hosting is a key part of making those solutions not only available but affordable and workable as they become integrated into an already growing business. But just what is cloud hosting and how can you benefit. The[…..]

How to Stop Spam with the cPanel Spam Filter

Many popular email providers have their own spam filters, but when you switch to using your own webmail inbox, you may become vulnerable to spam emails. Fortunately, cPanel offers a handy feature to filter out any spam emails sent to email accounts on your web hosting.   Spam Filters Apache SpamAssassin, available under Spam Filters[…..]

Top 5 Marketing Blogs You Must Visit To Become Marketing Genius

Becoming a marketing genius is not something that happens overnight. Neither is it something that happens to you because you wish or hope for it. It is more about knowing what to do right and knowing how to do what to do right. And as against popular beliefs that the success of digital marketing entails[…..]