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How a SaaS Demand Generation Agency Works

SaaS business is increasingly becoming popular because it is a convenient way of selling apps and software. As long as you can provide smooth online solutions and support, many customers will want to try your products. However, the high competition does not give SaaS providers time to relax; they need to constantly market their products. And this is where a SaaS marketing agency comes in.


Marketing a SaaS company is dynamic, which is why many marketers prefer to specialize depending on what they want to achieve. A SaaS demand generation agency applies many strategies to create demand for SaaS products. Today, we will focus on what such a company does and why it is important for your SaaS business. 


What Is SaaS Demand Generation?


Before going into the details of what a SaaS demand generation agency does, it is prudent to understand what this strategy is all about. Demand generation is all about creating interest in certain products by telling potential customers about them. 


SaaS demand generation applies many strategies that are best understood by looking at the marketing funnel. This explains what the SaaS demand generation agency does at each stage to achieve marketing goals. 


If you are a SaaS manager, you should hire an agency that is dedicated to SaaS marketing such as Rocket SaaS to create a high demand for your products. That said, let us focus on how a SaaS demand generation agency works. 


What Is a SaaS Demand Generation Agency?


This is a marketing company with experience in marketing SaaS products. Some do this alongside other specializations while many, particularly the best, purely focus on marketing SaaS companies. The agency can either come in to be part of your marketing team or become your marketing department. 


A SaaS demand generation agency focuses on strategies that lead potential customers to develop an interest in your products. As mentioned, the marketing funnel explains clearly what the agency does at every stage, and this is what we will focus on in detail. 


Functions of a SaaS Demand Generation Agency


A SaaS demand generation agency employs a number of types of marketing that are essential to demand generation. 


Content marketing


A SaaS demand generation agency uses content to tell potential and loyal clients about your SaaS products so that they can develop interest. Great content on blogs, social media pages, and other platforms will clearly explain how you will help potential clients solve their problems. As this happens, clients will develop a strong interest in your products. 


The SaaS demand generation agency is responsible for creating such content and distributing it. First, they map the target audience and understand their needs, then analyze what the competitors are offering, and lastly create content that tells how your solutions will meet the needs of customers. 


Email marketing


Email marketing is excellent for increasing the demand for SaaS products and conducting follow-ups with customers who show interest in products. It is a strategy that a SaaS demand generation agency applies all throughout the marketing funnel. 


An email marketing strategy involves sending general emails to potential customers with information on SaaS products and how they will meet their needs. However, marketers start to personalize the content depending on how the potential clients show interest. For instance, emails will be customized when responding to inquiries or writing to loyal customers. 


Video marketing


A SaaS demand generation agency also uses a video marketing strategy to convey useful information about the products to potential customers and loyal ones as well. In fact, video marketing is a great way to tell users how SaaS products will meet their needs. 


Captivating videos are shared on the official website, social media sites, and media streaming platforms. The agency will also check comments and carry out the necessary follow-up to bring as many potential clients as possible into the marketing funnel.


Paid ads and PPC marketing


Have you seen all the paid ads on websites and video streaming channels? Pay-per-click ads are also popular on these channels, and they usually have positive results, especially when compelling landing pages are used. 


The SaaS demand generation agency should plan this strategy well to ensure the landing pages are informative and convincing just like the paid ad or PPC itself. Luckily, the ads are placed using AI. Hence, their targeting is very accurate. 




Lastly, the SaaS demand generation agency ensures that your website and social media pages are visible online so that as many potential customers as possible may see the products you sell. Placing your products and brand online and enhancing their visibility play a big role in demand generation.


In fact, all the other strategies rely on this function to succeed. So, the experts start by creating a functional website, loading it with content including product information, demos, guides, media, and contact information. Social media page enhancement also plays a role in the SEO of the main SaaS company website, so the experts also monitor the social media pages closely.


Benefits of a SaaS Demand Generation Agency


Unlike an internal marketing team, a SaaS demand generation agency has clear goals concerning how to enhance and increase demand and will apply all possible strategies to hit the goal. As mentioned, the agency could work on a consultancy basis to strengthen your marketing team or take the marketing role entirely. Regardless, the benefits are very visible.


Apart from increasing the demand for your SaaS products, the marketing agency nurtures the prospects who enter the marketing funnel. They apply strategies such as demos, emails, trials, and responding to the clients’ queries to entice them more.


The SaaS demand generation agency also handles marketing analytics data to help you understand the results and progress of the effort. They may use their application or make use of online analytics tools to measure success and areas that need improvement.


Lastly, the agency will train your team or you on how to increase demand for your SaaS products in any other way. Since they work closely with you, you only need to follow their guidance, and you will enjoy the results. 


In Summary


A SaaS demand generation agency is so important that no SaaS company should miss out on benefitting from one. It is an agency that is responsible for marketing your software as a service and ensuring that your business is increasing its customer base. By now, you have seen all its functions and benefits, hence the need to hire one. 


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