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The Power of Customer Reviews at Your Fingertips

Doing business online is not only a necessity, but it’s also important for the growth of your company.  Part of that is customer reviews. While not all customer reviews are positive, with Review Magnet, you can make every review count.

With just one customer review platform, you can take reviews to the next level through an entirely automated process to:


With Review Magnet, you can achieve all these things and more through a simple-to-use interface that makes it easy for your customers to leave reviews.

Plus, you can handle bad reviews before they are posted online. Review Magnet allows you to contact the customer to make things right, turning that bad review into a great review.

Review Magnet will send automated follow-up messages to your customers to ask for their review, so it could not be easier to keep your customers engaged while boosting your ability to find new customers.

How to Get Started with Review Magnet

Taking the next step toward finding great customer reviews is simple:

Step 1

Create your profile when signing up

Step 2

Set Review Magnet to connect to any review platforms

Step 3

See your reviews stream in

How Review Magnet Can Benefit Your Business

By using customer feedback to improve your overall business, you can:

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Take the next step in your business with Review Magnet, a simple automated review system by Promark Solutions.

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