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“Unlock the Power of Website Optimization with Promark Business Solutions”

Are you looking to optimize your website to improve its performance and reach a larger audience? Website optimization is a term used to describe improving your website’s overall performance. There are three main ways to optimize your website: usability, accessibility and search engine optimization (SEO).

Usability optimization focuses on making sure your website is easy to navigate, with familiar visuals, enough white space and fewer than seven items in the main navigation. Accessibility optimization ensures that your website is compatible with screen readers and can be used with assistive devices. Finally, SEO optimization ensures your website appears in search engine results pages, like Google, with key terms, quickly loading images and unique title and description tags.

Properly optimizing your website is the key to your business’s success. To get the most out of your website optimization, contact Promark Business Solutions. Our family-run Red Deer web design company specializes in building affordable websites for local businesses. We can help you improve your website design and performance by phone at 403-505-7550 or by email at