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What Industries Outsource Their Projects to Ukraine?

In recent years, Ukraine has strengthened its position as one of Eastern European major outsourcing hubs. Despite the russian invasion, Ukrainian tech companies continue delivering their services to thousands of clients worldwide once again proving that no matter what challenges appear, they can be overcome.

The country’s IT industry is booming thanks to factors such as favorable time zones, competitive costs, European work ethics, and the expertise of its developers.

Among the industries that most often entrust their projects to Ukraine are Banking, Education, Agriculture, and Healthcare. Of course, the list goes on, yet in the article, we are going to focus on what benefits the aforementioned industry representatives gain from outsourcing their software development to Ukrainian companies.



The banking and finance industry has experienced a digital revolution through FinTech, and Ukrainian developers have been at the forefront of this transformation. The Ukrainian banking sector is renowned for its cutting-edge solutions that make finance management extremely easy and allow its users to solve most of their daily requests in mobile applications. International organizations try to utilize that positive experience and adopt similar solutions in their operations.

Institutions like Barclays and Deutsche Bank have outsourced projects to Ukraine, leading to the development of secure, AI-driven, and customer-centric solutions. Ukrainian expertise in digital banking services, coupled with advancements in Robotic Process Automation and Machine Learning, has paved the way for efficient data processing, automated financial application processes, and personalized customer interactions through chatbots.



Engaging and interactive learning is essential for individuals’ growth, whether they are employees or students. This approach has gained significant traction in corporate training programs due to its ability to make learning more interesting and productive. E-learning offers several advantages, allowing learners to progress at their own pace and retain information effectively.

The widespread adoption of interactive e-learning solutions in various industries grows from its numerous benefits. These solutions facilitate the training of existing employees in new technologies, streamline the onboarding process for new hires, and support the seamless implementation of continuous process changes. At least 77% of U.S. organizations have embraced e-learning to enhance employee performance. Beyond its educational benefits, e-learning also proves to be financially advantageous for companies, offering a cost-effective means of training their team members.



With the world’s population on the rise, the demand for agricultural products is increasing rapidly. Addressing this challenge requires the urgent implementation of solutions to enhance productivity in farming. Given the ongoing climate changes and limited resources, securing a sustainable future for humanity is vital. Introducing technological advancements, i.e., AgriTech, into various industries, including agriculture, has become essential. Farmers worldwide are actively seeking innovative ways to overcome their business challenges and pave the way for a better future.

Agricultural entrepreneurs operating in an industry are heavily influenced by external factors such as climate and sanitary conditions. Consequently, there is a need for comprehensive solutions that not only address their business requirements but also boost productivity and efficiency. Hiring the software development team with extensive experience in delivering AgriTech solutions, clients get automation of their internal processes, simplified collaboration with governing authorities, and 24/7 access to their data and statistics. It allows agriculture industry entrepreneurs to make informed data-driven decisions that will bring benefit to their business.



Healthcare systems across the globe continue adopting innovative solutions for monitoring and managing health conditions. When outsourcing, we recommend hiring teams with extensive expertise in developing customized, high-performance healthcare software solutions. Conducting thorough market research and understanding potential customer needs are essential steps for any business. It is advisable to analyze the existing solutions and learn whether someone else has or has not done anything similar.

Handling healthcare data is strictly regulated, especially in the US. Therefore, companies that outsource their software development to Ukraine are sure that these laws and regulations will be followed. From tracking vaccinations or drug intake to monitoring the health of senior citizens, the Agiliway team has always ensured that no sensitive data is mistreated. All the data is stored in the cloud and accessed by authorized team members only.



The role of non-governmental and nonprofit organizations cannot be overestimated. Yet, when it comes to technology, there are not as many solutions to help manage these organizations’ processes. As the number of NGOs and nonprofits continues to grow, so does the requirement for technologies to be adapted to meet their needs.

The scope of activities of NGOs goes far beyond the existing solutions offered. Hence, Agiliway first partnered with CiviCRM to customize the current functionality for one of our clients and then went further and created CiviMobile, a free mobile application for CiviCRM users that allows accessing their data on the go. The CRM’s users can download the application as it is or add features their organization so desperately needs for efficient management of their teams, events, finances, etc.

For decades now outsourcing got rid of the stigma of being something negative. Businesses worldwide utilize this model to succeed in their respective niches. The adoption of technology in banking, agriculture, education, healthcare, and NGOs brings lots of benefits and helps create unique experiences for the consumers or users of the products.

Implementation of custom solutions today is not viewed as something done for a business purpose only. Primarily, but not solely. Modern business is customer-oriented at its core. Therefore, bearing customer’s needs in mind is what drives success.

When you partner with reliable and professional software development teams in Ukraine, you receive a lot more than just a product. You get valuable insight into what steps are best to take in order to gain what you are looking for. Our experts will happily consult you on all the details of your existing or future projects for them to become better, more flexible, and scalable.