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Why test automation maintenance is important

The software must be tested before it can be used, as certain errors and defects can penetrate even the most perfect project. Therefore, software testing is a necessary step to make sure that the product does not make any mistakes, and its efficiency and safety reach the highest level.

Testing can be done manually or automatically, but even the automatic process requires the supervision and intervention of a specialist. Therefore, the test automation maintenance service is a way to perform automatic product testing with a full list of benefits of manual testing.

When is test automation maintenance necessary?

It seems that the more automated processes in the business, the better. This makes sense because automatic verification allows you to analyze a much larger amount of data, it can act on a compiled scenario and free up time and money for greater productivity.

However, it is not always possible to solve the testing tasks in one scenario. They often require additional intervention in the process in order to make it more focused and therefore more efficient. Therefore, there is a clear balance between minimizing effort and the need for manual maintenance of automation.

Support is needed to:

  • Rewrite or update the script for the automated process;
  • help when a program has updates that require adjustments to existing tests;
  • Prepare adaptive testing scenarios, etc.

Manual maintenance can be performed at minimal additional cost if you seek help from the service

Thus, manual control of automatic testing allows to obtain high-quality processes, comply with all requirements, reduce waiting time, and increase the value of the procedure as a whole. The right approach is formed according to the specific situation. In this case, the tests will provide a comprehensive and fairly quick test, and you will be sure that you are launching a guaranteed quality and safe product.

Automation Maintenance by Zapple.Tech

Zapple.Tech is focused on automated testing, which allows the customer to reduce costs even when working with huge amounts of data. The range of services includes:

  • Performance testing;
  • Regression testing;
  • Pentesting of iOS and Android applications;
  • Automated testing of APIs and servers;
  • Integration of automated tests in DevOps environment, etc.

Automated processes help even in situations where manual labor will not be enough. For example, you can easily check and monitor web applications and sites used by thousands of your customers. This allows you to quickly identify errors or problems and solve them in the shortest possible time.

But from time to time all these decisions require individual intervention. This allows you to optimize ready-made solutions, increase their efficiency and even spend less time on internal marketing research. This way, you can easily achieve your goal: run repetitive, effective tests, review results from time to time, update scripts, and achieve more.

The Zapple.Tech team has many years of experience in this field. Experts and test automation engineers work on each project, and in total the team has hundreds of successfully completed projects, which are not just part of the portfolio but are the achievements that the company is proud of.

Combine the benefits of manual testing and automated solutions, demonstrating the same flexibility that allows a product to be adaptable to large-scale projects and always meet current consumer demands. At the same time, you get the opportunity to save costs by using simple and affordable solutions that are always on time, quickly set up, and suitable for any business or product.