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One of the benefits of modern Internet marketing is the precision with which we can reach potential customers with pinpoint accuracy, cutting away those who are not in your target demographic. Promark Business Solutions in cooperation with Ambitic helps your business use Facebook ads to their best advantage by zeroing in on specific demographics most relevant to your brand and services. We use tried-and-true research and optimization techniques to drive traffic to your website and generate the leads you want.

We offer effective Facebook ads that lead to high conversions through:.

Custom Facebook Ad Packages

Our custom Facebook ad packages can increase exposure, create loyal customers, and generate more leads and sales by successfully reaching your target audience on Facebook’s platform of over two billion users.

With Facebook analytics, we can help your business thrive long after you’ve started your campaign.

Facebook’s analytics and ad performance tools help us better understand who your brand most resonates with, allowing us to craft highly-targeted ads while giving you valuable insight into your most active audiences.

Facebook analytics also helps us create re-targeting campaigns that showcase your business to those who are already familiar with your brand, gently reminding them of your offerings and increasing the likelihood of generating even more leads.

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Why are Facebook ads so effective?

Every minute, more than 4 million posts on Facebook are “Liked” with the average North American spending approximately 40 minutes per day on Facebook alone, making this platform essential for any business to get noticed online.

Of the 2.26 billion people that use Facebook, 1.55 billion people log into Facebook every single day, with half of them are logging in only through mobile devices. That’s half a billion potential customers you can reach just from the device in their pocket.

Now, realistically, not all 500,000,000 of them will be interested in your brand, which is why we work diligently to target those users who are most likely to interact with your business, providing you a higher conversion rate and lower cost as you will be reaching your most relevant audience.

Promark Business Solutions provides the high quality Facebook ads and ad management that generate the greatest return on investment. You will never have to worry if your ads are reaching the right people or if you are wasting precious time writing pieces that don’t convert.

Call Promark Business Solutions today and take the guesswork out of your online marketing by bringing it to the next level with paid search results you can see in your bottom line.