Website Maintenance

What Does a Website Need on a Monthly or Yearly Basis?

When a website is developed it starts out with purchasing the domain and the hosting. People may not realize that there is a fee every year that must be paid to keep the domain. If you are not on top of it and it does not get renewed, there is a high probability that someone else will swoop in and take the domain. This is significant as then they can essentially “steal” your customers. Hosting is another thing that has to be paid yearly and it is the server on which your website is hosted.

Due to lockdown it’s no surprise that online sales are booming with Ecommerce expected to nearly double by 2023 to more than $6.5 billion it’s definitely time to invest in your online presence and operations which now has to be at a higher level of polish to stand out than ever before. Of course, it’s never been easier to build your own site with low investment.

However, when it comes to maximising your presence and bringing in business online you 100% will benefit from working with a specialist and London is one of the world leader’s in terms of their web designer community and so, if you are looking for a web design agency you can check out this list on Rainmakrr updated in 2020 and which includes some of the best design agencies London has to offer.

The other thing that a website needs on a regular basis is updates. These updates include: company content, pictures, plugins, software, products and blogs are all things that should be kept up-to-date. It is important to be on top of these things to be sure that your website is always looking fresh and customer ready. Think of it like keeping your place of work clean and tidy. You would not want people walking into your business and it hasn’t been cleaned or like it is from another era. If you don’t update plugins and software, you run the risk that the website does not work properly. So, it is a good idea to set a monthly reminder to do these updates.

When you update your website, it is a good idea to back it up. That way if something were to happen and the website goes off-line, hacked or the server it is one crashes, you can restore it fully from the latest update you have saved.

Another great thing to do on a regular basis is to test the website’s speed. When people are searching for a specific product, you want your website to be as close to number one as possible and you want it to load fast. If your website is slow and does not load within 6 seconds, chances are that person is going to leave your site and move to another. Now a days, people want things now and are not willing to wait for a slow loading website. Hosting is a big part of that (read more at However, if you take the time to test the speed of your website you can make adjustments needed if necessary, to ensure that your website is loading at around 3 seconds, and 2 seconds or less is best!

Search Engine Optimization

One last thing to help ensure that your website is doing its job is to apply SEO practices. SEO, search engine optimization, is what helps boost your website high in search engine result lists. The higher you are on the list the more potential customers. Statistics show that most people do not take the time to research businesses that are farther than the third or fourth on the list. So, if your website is not even on the first page you are even less likely to be seen. By using SEO strategies to your website, it will help out your rankings. Things like adding keywords, links, analyzing your traffic stats, checking on google analytic and adding relevant content with proper pictures, all help your website.

Your Website Maintenance Solution

A lot of people put off having a website due to the fact that there is maintenance involved and updates to keep it fresh and the content up-to-date. Many business owners find that the tediousness of maintaining a website is far too much work to add to their already busy schedules, so they say “no” when asked about having a website built for their business.

However, saying no is one of the worst things that a business can do. A website is your store front in the online world, and if people can not see you, they do not know you are there. It is like being stuck in the back alley without a sign or even a door. So, a website is very important for businesses in this technological age.

So, how can you have a website without at the maintenance and hassle required in having a website? Calling Promark Business Solutions is the answer. Instead of building your website and then leaving you to have to manage all the upkeep, Promark does it for you. They have setup their website development to be a yearly fee instead of thousands of dollars upfront to build a site. This yearly fee includes renewing the domain, hosting, website plugin and software updates, changing pictures as requested, adding or changing content and for an extra fee they also do provide SEO services. Promark Business Solutions is the website solution for any business owner in Canada who feels like they do not have the time to maintain their much-needed website.