Blog posts are not what you think.

Many small business owners want to write blog posts because they think that it will help their SEO. Actually they can end up hurting their SEO if done improperly. As SEO Red Deer experts we have a few helpful tips.


One of the things that is very common that is a mistake, is to write blog posts about your exact services. For example if you are a plumber in Red Deer and you write 5 different blog posts with topics like: why we are the best local plumber in Red Deer, why choose us as your local Red Deer plumber, 5 reasons we are the most experienced plumbers in Red Deer, why call us before any other plumber in Red Deer, and why we have the best looking plumbers in Red Deer. The problem with this is that it will actually end up confusing Google. When Google is looking at the website it will have a hard time understanding which page is about Red Deer plumbers because those keywords are mentioned over and over and over amongst of the different blog posts. So your strategy as a Phoenix web design agency would be unique compared to what I would do here in Red Deer.


The proper way to use a blog post is to talk about something related to your services or industry but not directly about your main keywords. Please read my previous blog post section about keywords. Some much better blog post topics would be: 3 ways to get hair out of your clogged drain, things never to flush down the toilet, what to do if your hot water tank starts leaking, do you know where your main water shut-off valve is?, why a sump pump can save you tens of thousands of dollars. All of these topics are related to your industry and your services but none of them talk over and over about the specific keywords.


Then what you do is inside of each one of these blog posts you reference naturally your company and use the keywords “Red Deer plumbers” to Link to the page that you actually want Google to find. This has to be done properly and you don’t want the same exact keywords every single time.  You want some slight variations like Red Deer plumbers, plumbers in Red Deer, Red Deer’s best plumbers, Red Deer plumbing company. All of these things will go to telling Google that your website is about plumbing in Red Deer, and you talked about all of these different topics surrounded plumbing, which Google is smart enough to understand.


Now for most small local businesses this is all that is needed when you are writing blog posts. In fact you don’t really truly care whether anybody ever reads these blog posts as they are simply there to convince Google that your website knows a lot about your specific keywords. To take this to the next level then we would require using some backlinks, but this is a whole other complicated conversation and I will try and cover this for you next month.