Instagram Thoughts

I wanted to send you a couple of quick tips for marketing your local business in your area on Instagram. Now of course certain businesses are going to do much better than others on Instagram, but it definitely does not hurt. So one of the most important things to do on Instagram is to connect with other people. You want to connect with people in your area first of all, and even better try to connect with people that might be interested in your services. You can find these people by going into Instagram and doing a search for your city with a hashtag, so for example #Lacombe. So now you can look through the images that are posted, and find people that are appropriate for possible business connections and then follow them. Many people will feel obligated to follow you back and this will help you to build a larger audience. You can both connect with businesses and individuals.You can actually take this to the next level by liking and commenting on their posts,as again this helps build a relationship.People like it when people comment and like their stuff it makes them feel better about themselves and their business. So you can be connected to that good feeling.The second important tip that I wanted to mention is that you should always post with hashtags for your city that you are in, and other cities that you service. For this reason people can find you just like you found them in my previous tip. If you don’t use the hashtag of your city there’s a good possibility even though people are looking for accounts in your location they will not find you. It is much more important for you to use these location tags then it is any other hashtags related to your business.If you need any other help with Social Media, feel free to reach out and ask. I will try and send out tips each month in this newsletter. Thank you for reading!