Follow-Up as a Small Business

Any sales person, or sales training course, will tell you that the true key to success is staying in touch with past clients and potential clients. The chance of closing a sale increases dramatically with every point of contact. It is very common to only close a deal after 10 or more points of contact. […]

Instagram Thoughts

I wanted to send you a couple of quick tips for marketing your local business in your area on Instagram. Now of course certain businesses are going to do much better than others on Instagram, but it definitely does not hurt. So one of the most important things to do on Instagram is to connect[…..]

How to Delete All Tweets at Once

Who doesn’t love to spend time crafting tweets expressing their opinions on different issues? It’s the best way to tell the world how we feel.   However, many times it turns out that we tweeted something that we are not proud of at the moment. If you are embarrassed by some of your past tweets,[…..]

Review: SMM World Social Media Panel

Social media marketing professionals encounter a wide range of challenges as they work on marketing their brands and executing their obligations. However, with ever-increasing technology and a rapid change in the technical sphere, the software can help ease their tedious journey. Social media marketing (SMM) involves using social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn[…..]