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Marketing Tips to Go Viral

Online, social media, and E-Commerce have all completely changed how people shop. In recent years, the power of ‘going viral’ can change a business’s path overnight.

Your product might be the same thing it has always been. Still, it becomes like gold dust overnight when it is pushed out in front of hundreds and thousands of people by influencers or content creators.

Many businesses or solo creators crave going viral to ‘kick’ their career off, and while it does require a lot of background effort, it can be worth it if it sticks.

Want to wake up to a sold-out warehouse or commission spaces? Take a look at these tips.


Capture Your Audience’s Attention and Fast

Saying that the internet is saturated is the understatement of the year. There are ads and campaigns everywhere you look, trying to lure you in and choose a particular business over its competitors, because of this, creators and businesses have to work hard to stick out and convince their audience that they are the needed product or service.

There are many different ways to do this. Still, ideally, you will combine an enticing image or video element to your campaign and some real personality that is hard to ignore. This could be a bold tone, a comedy angle, or something so weird they must stop to engage.


Be Engaging for Your Audience

You can pump out as much marketing content as you want. Still, unless it is something that will engage your target audience, it will be a big waste of time. Hence, you need to carefully think about your audience and their interests before you start even thinking about working on your content.

Make sure your content is easily shareable, that there is a call to action so people are encouraged to respond, and that they can make their own content from yours – i.e., a response.

The more your audience engages, the further your content is pushed through algorithms to like-minded people. The more people that interact with your post, the more this reinforces that your posts are of substance and should be seen by many others!

What is important to remember before you embark on this journey, is to be prepared and have everything on standby for if you do go viral. Make sure to have capacity, product, and the logistics, such as pallet shipping, sorted. You don’t want to go viral for the right reasons and become known as a business that disappoints people.


Make Sure Your Message is Simple

Ads and content don’t need to be convoluted to make an impression – if anything, you don’t want your customers confused. Make sure the point you are trying to make is clear: what the product is, how it will benefit someone, and what you want them to do (buy something, share something, sign up for something). Even though simple is best, remember that this shouldn’t put restrictions on your creativity! Try to think outside of the box!