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How to Avoid Mistakes in Performance Testing

In the application development chain, the last but not least link is performance testing. Many developers want to get through this stage as quickly as possible to speed up the application launch phase. Although performance testing is not considered a difficult task for specialists, many of the latter make mistakes that can later affect the performance and smoothness of the application. In our article, you will find a list of the most common mistakes to avoid and learn why it is better to switch to performance testing automation.

Need for Performance Testing

In the era of a huge variety of mobile, web, and desktop applications, every product has to be perfect and meet all the needs of consumers, especially when the audience reaches thousands of active users interacting with it simultaneously. Mistakes in testing are always a waste of money and resources as well as the time it takes to rerun a test. Load generator overloads, incorrect system scheduling, and creating scripts that mistakenly simulate the production environment can lead to disaster when running your application.

5 Mistakes to Avoid While Testing Performance

  1. Lack of a set task and goal equates to wasted time.
  2. Not creating a realistic test environment.
  3. Testing the entire application at once.
  4. Ignoring system errors.
  5. Not documenting test runs.

Automation: Solution to the Problems?

Testing is a monotonous process that requires special attention and concentration. In the case of manual testing, it is possible to make the mistakes described above. Performance automation testing is not a complete cure, but it can significantly improve and speed up the process. The pros of automation are a minimal number of errors, speed, and accuracy of execution as well as final analysis. But it does not mean that companies can give up manual testing completely, and the best way is to use these two methods.


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