2021 SEO Strategies

What Mistakes Should Be Avoided in SEO This 2021?


If you are struggling to get your website on top of the Google search engine, then the best and most convenient option to opt for is the SEO marketing strategy. It not only help you enhance your business site ranking but also maximise annual revenue.


However, being completely new to search engine optimisation services will definitely arise one question in your mind, i.e., what are the mistakes to avoid in SEO to achieve higher rankings. Here in this blog, you will get your answer to this question. Let us take a look.


Top 5 SEO Mistakes To Avoid For Achieving Better Ranking


  1. Setting Unclear SEO Goals


According to the study, SEO can drive a 14.6% conversion rate. Thus, If you want to get a better ranking and leads, your SEO goals should be clear. First, know what to achieve, whether higher traffic, organic leads or more sales?


For example, if you are getting 1000 monthly organic customers to your website but only 1% of people are buying from you, it is of no use. Here you are competing a mistake of driving the wrong kind of traffic. So, set clear SEO goals to gain more of what you have invested.


  1. Not Paying Attention To Search Intent


Search intent is the most significant factor that has a direct impact on search engine result pages. Google search engine prefer websites with high-quality content that satisfies the user search query. Here you have to analyse what customer require when searching a query online.


For example, if someone searches for “SEO services” into Google, it means that the user wants to hire search engine optimisation services. If your site has content related to SEO, your site’s chances to appear in front of users increase. Therefore, never ignore search intent in SEO.


  1. Purchasing Backlinks 


Backlinks are an essential element if you want to increase ranking for your business website. It also helps in enhancing the domain rating of your site. But if you are buying backlinks, then you might end up with a Google penalty.


As per Google, sites that sell links can’t boost your rankings. That’s because most of the link-builders and link-sellers have the same list of submission websites. Thus, instead of spending money on purchasing links, you should hire a professional SEO company.


  1. Ignoring Mobile Traffic 


Today, more than 50% of traffic is generated from mobile devices. Therefore, Google prefers mobile-friendly websites. If you want to get organic traffic from mobile devices, then ensure that your business site is speedy that loads under 3 seconds and responsive.


According to a study, 57% of customers doesn’t rely on businesses that don’t have websites that load fast on the mobile. It is an alarming sign for you not to overlook mobile traffic and have a website that smoothly works on mobile devices.


Final Words


If you are making these SEO mistakes mentioned above, it’s the right time to implement the right strategies. It helps you to increase annual leads and achieve a higher ranking on the Google search engine.