Why We Switched to Publer for Social Media Management

Anyone in the online marketing world knows that one of the biggest pains in doing Social Media Marketing for local businesses is the scheduling programs themselves. There are lots of options out there, and we have tried a LOT. Different platforms obviously offer different options, functionality, and cost. We actually stumbled onto Publer almost by accident, and we are SO glad that we did.


As a small agency in a town of 100,000 we have a fairly low budget offering for our small business customers. So one of the best parts about Publer is that is extremely affordable. There is a free option, but the cost is so low, and the extra features are so helpful, that is totally worth the monthly fee.


The very first thing that actually led me to Publer was the fact that you could post to Google My Business. Posting to Google My Business seems to have significant effect on local map pack rankings in Google. Because of this we are trying to help both our own company and our customers by posting to Google My Business. This seems to be the most affordable and most powerful platform that can do these Google My Business posts. I did a couple of tests and I was very happy. This will definitely become a big part of our offering into the future.


I think that LinkedIn is a big part of a marketing strategy for some businesses, so the connection to LinkedIn is great. Some other programs don’t have LinkedIn as an option, so this automatically puts Publer ahead of a lot of their competition in my eyes. The more exposure the better! Even better is the fact that you can post to either your personal LinkedIn profile, or a company page! Posting on personal pages can get a LOT of organic exposure compared to a company profile, but this is an easy way to keep them both active.

Then I started digging into the other options and fell in love with it. I love the Synchronization function that allows you to fix mistakes on posts that are already published right from inside of Publer. This is huge because no matter how careful you are, there is always potential for a mistake to sneak through, and being able to quickly fix them is awesome! There is also an Auto Schedule that automatically fills out open spots on your pre-built schedule.


I have not tested it out yet, but the Facebook connection has an option to posting to Facebook Groups. This could really benefit you depending on the type of marketing you do on Facebook.


I think it is intuitive enough that a small business owner could manage their own posts, and is deep enough for an agency to do quite a few advanced things for their customers. The more platforms that you can offer to your customers the higher potential fees you can charge because the value of your service has increased. So the combination of Google My Business and LinkedIn made Publer a winner for us!