Why You Should Set Up Your Google My Business Listing

Nobody uses phone book directories anymore as the world has gone digital with everything you will ever need right at your fingertips online. Google My Business is the next phone book that allows your business to display itself to potential customers.   So here are just a few reasons why you should set up your […]

How E-Commerce Can Help Your Small Business

The internet fad is not going away any time soon. In fact, it’s growing every day to include all kinds of businesses large and small that understand the growth opportunities of today can only come from expanding digitally. Enhancing your small business with not just an online presence, but an e-commerce solution that presents convenience[…..]

How to Stop Spam with the cPanel Spam Filter

Many popular email providers have their own spam filters, but when you switch to using your own webmail inbox, you may become vulnerable to spam emails. Fortunately, cPanel offers a handy feature to filter out any spam emails sent to email accounts on your web hosting.   Spam Filters Apache SpamAssassin, available under Spam Filters[…..]

Why Web Design Services are Important for Businesses

We will explain why businesses need web design services in this post. It is obviously important for businesses to have a digital presence. With the emergence of advanced technologies and the booming of smartphones, digitalization has played a significant role in creating an age where we are mostly dependent on the digital world. In the[…..]