SEO Keyword Research Basics

If you’re really serious about your SEO efforts, then you need to know exactly which words people will type into the search engines when looking for products and services similar to the ones you are selling. These are called keywords, and they are the focal point of most SEO. Now, you probably already know that[…..]

Why Small Businesses in Need To Post Frequently on Facebook

Driving traffic to your website is critical for future sales and the success of your business. There are lots of marketing methods out there that are viable like, print, radio, billboards etc. if you are going old school. If you are looking for more market penetration you need to look outside of these traditional methods[…..]


Why Small Businesses Need Websites

Numerous small businesses and experts are not using the power of the Internet, as they do not have web sites or if they do possess a website. If you have a small business and are in doubt regarding whether to have a website or not, then keep reading this article and learn why Red Deer[…..]