Is Skype Considered Social Media?

Launched in 2003 and created by Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis, Skype has been called the “granddaddy” of video chat apps. Bought by the tech giant Microsoft in 2011, Skype continues to boast 40 million daily active users, even with newer competition from apps like Zoom and Facetime.   Defined by Oxford as “a phone […]

Is Snapchat Considered Social Media?

Unlike Facebook, Snapchat doesn’t give users the ability to share content permanently, create “Posts” or “Like” content, but does that mean that Snapchat isn’t social media? Many people call Snapchat social media, but some disagree, so we’re going to use this post to get to the bottom of it.   Launched in 2011 and created[…..]

Is Facebook Considered Social Media?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? What is that funny looking thing in the cloud that never seems to stop moving??   Silly as it may seem, this is really a fair question to ask and has come up in Red Deer social media customer discussions. For many, social media is Facebook, and[…..]

Social Media. What does that even mean??

By now, this term likely feels intuitive to most of the population, but for some it can feel pretty overwhelming, especially for business owners who are, perhaps now more than ever, expected to keep up with this ever-changing landscape.   As Quora user Dionne Lew, a strategic communications executive, puts it, “given that social media[…..]