Is It Worth Having A Small Business Webpage In Dartmouth, NS?

Since we started creating websites for some local companies in Dartmouth Nova Scotia, we decided to see the competitiveness of small businesses in different categories. We looked at different niches to see what type of sites were ranking the most. What we found was that a lot of small businesses did not have a website at all and they were using free business directories like Yelp, YellowPages, and

The problem with using these options is that today customers searching for products and services tend to bypass these online directories and look directly for the vendor’s website to give them the confidence you are a real business with the expertise and experience to help them. These directories limit the amount of information that you are allowed to share, and a lot of customers like to see a real business website to help them decide who they will choose from available options.

As you can see in the example below Googling “dartmouth plumber”, we found that out of the top 10 search results only half were actual business websites. The top two were Yelp and Kijiji. People tend to only pick from the first page of search results, especially if they are in need of a service quickly, and with plumbing that happens a lot. As there are only 10 results on the first page, excluding ads which many people distrust, and the Google map, chances are your business is not one of the 5 websites listed, you are never going to get a phone call. When you have a well-built website you should be able to push one of the 5 listings that is not a business site, off the front page so you can get some of that exposure.

You are able to use your site as a virtual storefront to showcase who you are, what your services are, and why someone should choose you. Also, if a potential customer sees that a company does not have a website, a lot of these possible clients can pass you over as you do not appear as professional. A lot of people do not want to make phone calls to find out information about your business. The technological age that we are in makes people want information accessible and right now. If they have to put more effort into finding your business’s information than just clicking your website link, chances are you have lost that potential customer. It is critical you are able to show your customers exactly where you are like this example of

At Promark Business Solutions, we understand that having a small business takes up most of your time and you most likely feel that you do not have time to build a website yourself, afford to have someone build it for you, worry about net digital security, or want to spend time on maintaining the website. It does take work, it does cost money. However, we at Promark Business Solutions have made it both easy and affordable for small businesses to have a website. We have a low yearly cost that allows you to not have to worry about the monthly maintenance, renewals, hosting, and changes that you need to do. For most of our customers it only takes one or two jobs per a year for the website to pay for itself. We have tried to make the development of your business website to be as stress-free and work-free as possible for you so that you can focus on your business.

When you have a website built and customers are able to find you quickly, with a site that looks professional, their confidence in picking you will be much higher. They can see right away what you offer and that you are serious about your business by providing them with the information about your company quickly and easily.